BitSafe stores your logins and other sensitive information safely and securely and encrypted documents, with web browser extensions to integrate with Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It also features an encrypted archive file format.


BitSafeArchiver is a companion app for BitSafe. It encrypts file and folders securely in its AES-256 encrypted archive format.
BitSafeArchiverLE is free and provides read-only support so that you can decrypt files without having to buy anything.


Quaver is a utility o assist composers and recording engineers with some maths and musical theory. It can calculate delay times and oscillator frequencies for a given tempo, tell you the fundamental frequency of a given note, or list the notes in scale or mode - and even show you the key signature.


Look up chords to find their constituent notes, or search for all the chords which contain a particular combination of notes. You can also play the notes and chords on the built-in tone generator. Chordex is available for OS X and IOS.


PreferenceCleaner is a utility for deleting corrupt preference files from your Mac. Corrupt preferences can be the cause of all sorts of problems, and finding them manually is not always easy. PreferenceCleaner can automatically hunt down the preference files associated with an application and delete them. It can also delete the preferences for a wide range of operating system components.


A powerful metadata editor for PNG images. PNGCommentator features macros, templates and batch-processing workflows to provide a fast and flexible approach.


Create HTML formatted tables automatically from data in CSV files.


This online tool calculates the storage that will be required for given durations of video and audio media in different codecs and formats.


A handy online tool for translating the colour-coded stripes on resistors into their corresponding numerical values.



A companion utility for Dragon Ago: Origins. DAModWrangler simplifies the process of managing the mods you have installed, and automates the installation of mods from Dazip files - an otherwise complex process which involves manually editing data files and copying resources into the correct locations.


The popular classic in a Java applet so you that you can play online in your web browser. The puzzles are generated automatically for almost infinite variety.